• 1956-59 Head of Granada TV/Zoological Society TV and Film Unit at London Zoo.
  • 1956 Wrote and presented THE WORLD OF ANIMALS, a short series of animal programmes for Granada TV.
  • 1956-67 Presented ZOOTIME weekly for Granada TV, a total of approximately 500 half-hour programmes about animals.
  • 1962 Presented episodes of THE ANIMAL STORY, a series of animal programmes for Granada TV.
  • 1965 Wrote and presented a series of programmes on animal behaviour for BBC Schools Television.
  • 1965 Devised ZOO CHALLENGE, a series of 8 animal programmes for BBC 1.
  • 1965-67 Presented LIFE IN THE ANIMAL WORLD fortnightly for BBC 2, a total of 52 one-hour programmes.
  • 1969 Co-presented MAN OF THE DECADE, a one-hour special for ATV, with Alistair Cooke and Mary McCarthy.
  • 1977 Wrote and presented MANWATCHING, a one-hour special for the BBC series 'The World About Us'.
  • 1980 Wrote and presented three programmes on BODY LANGUAGE for Roussel Medical Television.
  • 1980-81 Presented FRIDAY NIGHT AND SATURDAY MORNING, a two-hour interview programme, on two occasions for BBC 2.
  • 1982 Wrote and presented THE HUMAN RACE for Thames TV, a series of six one-hour programmes on the human species.
  • 1982 Presented THE MANWATCHER IN JAPAN for TV Man Union (for Japanese TV.)
  • 1986 Presented TV AND NATURAL HISTORY in the TV 50 series for BBC 1.
  • 1986 Presented THE SOCCER TRIBE, a one-hour special for Danish TV.
  • 1987-89 Co-presented THE ANIMALS ROADSHOW with Sarah Kennedy for BBC 1, a total of 41 x 35-minute programmes.
  • 1988 Presented BODYWATCHING, a one-hour special for CBS Network TV in USA.
  • 1987-89 Presented three Christmas specials in each of these three years for BBC1 on companion animals: WOLF IN YOUR LIVING ROOM, TIGER ON THE TILES, BEASTS OF THE FIELD.
  • 1990 Co-presented ART WORLD series with Joan Bakewell, for Independent Image TV.
  • 1990 Wrote and presented THE ANIMAL CONTRACT for Lifetime Pictures and Garner-MacLellan, three one-hour television programmes on man's relationships with other animals. (Winner of the Genesis Award for the 'Outstanding Television Documentary Series' of 1990 on animals.)
  • 1991 Narrated Christmas special THE ZEBRA IN YOUR STABLE for BBC 1.
  • 1991-96 Co-presented ANIMAL COUNTRY series with Sarah Kennedy for Mike Mansfield TV. A total of 67 (14 + 14 + 13 + 13 + 13) half-hour programmes shown on ITV.
  • 1994 Wrote and presented THE HUMAN ANIMAL for BBC1, six one-hour television programmes on human behaviour. (Winner of the 17th (1995) Cable Ace Award for Best Documentary Series.) (Winner of the New York Festivals' World Medal for Best Script.)
  • 1997 Wrote and presented THE HUMAN SEXES for The Learning Channel, six one-hour television programmes on the relationship between men and women. (Nominated for Primetime Emmy in the category of Outstanding Non-fiction Series.)
  • 1998 Narrated 'Coral Reefs of Oman' and 'Turtles of Oman' for OR Media TV.
  • 2017 Presented THE SECRET SURREALIST on BBC4 TV.


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